Monday, January 20, 2014

Homeschooling Choices

I have been homeschooling my youngest for almost a year now. He was going to a public charter school. Which was wonderful by the way. He really didn't do so well though. His behavior was all over the place and he really didn't learn all that much. I decided to pull him out mid year and home school him. I started off slowly using and he did good. We did that for half a year and then took summer break off. We decided to redo Kinder this year. That's when I heard good things about Time4Learning. The curriculum is awesome! He is learning so much and it really keeps him entertained. He loves to talk about what he's learning everyday. It covers three major subjects. Language Arts, Math and Science. So if you are just starting to home school your little one and don't know really what you want to do yet, I would start there. Time4Learning has helped us so much.


This is officially my first blog post!!
I plan to write about my everyday life. I love to bake and cook. I homeschool my two boys, so I plan on writing about that. I love to coupon and save money. I love to travel. I just plan to interact with other stay at home moms and wives that love what they do.